Rats, mice, insects and other pests usually enter premises in search of water, food, warmth and a place to live. Regular cleaning and rigorous attention to detail in matters such as storage and waste disposal can deny those essentials for living and rapidly reduce the risk of an infestation. 

Our specialist teams will develop a complete matrix of your plant and the pests you are experiencing to identify where and when infestation is occurring. Hot spots are identified for special attention and the patterns discovered enable the team to programm the appropriate cleaning regime.

Egypt Chemical is striving to be a key facilities management partner to  national companies with single and multi-site operations. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of property, technical and facilities management services to add value to our customers.

Choosing a sole service provider can be more cost-effective than using several suppliers.


Maintaining clean and safe operating environments is crucial for those operating in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. No matter the challenge, Egypt Chemical’s team of cleaning experts can develop a tailored solution to keep your facility running smoothly and safely.


Egypt Chemical operates to best practice standards, with standardized procedures and documentation across all sites. Customers are able to see that due diligence and all reasonable care has been taken in all aspects of cleaning.